Roadmap for Torch

Josip Crnković ·

October 29th 2020

For any additional feature requests, contact us at [email protected].

Faster provision time

Right now, it takes around 45 seconds for your build to change from Provisioning to Running state. During the Provisioning phase, Torch clones down the repository, downloads the Composer cache and configures everything needed. We plan to bring down this time and are focused on that this year. We hope to bring this to minimum, hopefully under 20 seconds.

For comparison, Github Actions takes around 40 seconds to boot the container as well as around 20 seconds to install and configure PHP.


Github Actions have a matrix options where you can setup a pipeline so it runs on multiple PHP versions in parallel. We plan on brining something similar sometimes in the next few months, hopefully.

First-party Laravel Dusk support

Currently, it’s very hard to run Dusk test suite in a Torch build. We’re preparing some changes to make it very simple to run Dusk tests.

Simple Continuous Integration platform for PHP.

Fine-tuned for Laravel.

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